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A smart yet simple to use trading platform.

Enhanced experience

Frontrader works directly on top of your existing MT4 infrastructure meaning we’ve enhanced what traders have become accustomed to with MT4. Better charting, trading workspace and user experience.

Integrated KYC

Get far better conversion rates with Frontrader’s integrated KYC signup process and funnels which take place directly on the trading platform. We know what works from years of analysing big data, you and your customers will love it too.


Frontrader’s unique shared trading wallet, your banking operations sync seamlessly with your trader’s MT4 trading accounts for a far easier and simpler banking experience for you and your traders.

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FronTrader is a one of a kind trading platform that harnesses the power of notifications triggered by an intelligent rule-base algorithm to display the right message to the right trader at the right time.

Jonathan Loughran PRODUCT MANAGER

The fruit of over two years of development. FronTrader is the future of Forex and CFD trading. Our algorithms solve the biggest problems faced by operators. Low retention and high client churn. FronTrader solves both of these.

Lorna Simmons UX EXPERT

Mobile Trading has redefined the way will traders interact with your brokerage. Without a robust mobile solution you'll leave money on the table. FronTrader works seamlessly on iOS, Android devices and is coded in fully responsive HTML5.