Frontrader is more than just automation. It’s smart.

Frontrader is more than just a trading platform. It’s a trader conversion machine. We’ve spent years working with top AI/BI professors from leading universities from around the world to help us build a smarter platform.

Automatic Feature

We’ve analysed millions of data sets, crunch the numbers, fine tuned and came up with over 50 unique customer behavioural funnels based purely on trader’s interactions within the trading platform.

Our unique funnel system works wonders for your conversion rates as Frontrader quickly recognises the customer’s unique path, understands what the next steps (statistically) the customer is likely to take and tweaks the individual user’s experience accordingly to ensure that the particular customer doesn’t drop off along the way. This happens automatically. But it’s more than just machine learning and automation, it’s smart as Frontrader continues to learn along the way from your unique trader set without any interruption to trader’s service or user experience.

Full transparency. Full control
There is data and there is data. With Frontrader you get full access to modify, tweak and manually intervene at any stage in the customer funnel to offer the right message at the right time or intercept common drop offs which lead to better conversion rates longer term.

Personal messages are really personal
Frontrader allows you to create personalized messages for certain triggers along the customer’s journey through the conversion/sales funnels from the first sign up through to existing traders. This means that you can provide customers with a unique experience and interaction with your brokerage without feeling generic.

Smarter news, analysis and trade tips
Take advantage of knowing what your customer’s love to trade and customise their market news, analysis and trading tips to their needs as well as preferences. This results in higher read rates, a far more engaged customer and a far better retention rate long term.

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FronTrader is a one of a kind trading platform that harnesses the power of notifications triggered by an intelligent rule-base algorithm to display the right message to the right trader at the right time.

Jonathan Loughran PRODUCT MANAGER

The fruit of over two years of development. FronTrader is the future of Forex and CFD trading. Our algorithms solve the biggest problems faced by operators. Low retention and high client churn. FronTrader solves both of these.

Lorna Simmons UX EXPERT

Mobile Trading has redefined the way will traders interact with your brokerage. Without a robust mobile solution you'll leave money on the table. FronTrader works seamlessly on iOS, Android devices and is coded in fully responsive HTML5.