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Frontrader’s mobile responsive web and mobile application platforms make sure that your customers can trade on the go, where and whenever they need. We’ve spent years developing the mobile version of our platform to ensure that not only did we keep the features you can expect from a desktop and web platform, but also enhance it even further for mobile. Frontrader’s unique layout and placement of items means that your customers have a full and powerful desktop trading platform on the mobile phones. Full charting, account and profile management, KYC, conversion funnels and full trading capabilities all in the palm of their hands.

It’s a powerhouse in the palm of your hands Nothing spared. Full charting, technical analysis, KYC, account and profile management beautifully packed into a mobile application that traders will love to use.
Manage your account on the go Traders can manage their account and profile directly on the mobile application including the full signup and KYC registration process. No need to encourage your customers back to a desktop.
It’s beautiful and super easy to use Our UX/UI designers are traders too! We want a platform that feels good, traders can be proud to use and that comes with all the features traders need at their fingertips. Oh, and it’s super simple to use.
On Android/iOS and also fully responsive HTML5 Download directly from the APP or PlayStore or use our fully responsive HTML5 web version. Regardless of what phone you have, our mobile trading platform is ready for your traders to enjoy trading again.

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FronTrader is a one of a kind trading platform that harnesses the power of notifications triggered by an intelligent rule-base algorithm to display the right message to the right trader at the right time.

Jonathan Loughran PRODUCT MANAGER

The fruit of over two years of development. FronTrader is the future of Forex and CFD trading. Our algorithms solve the biggest problems faced by operators. Low retention and high client churn. FronTrader solves both of these.

Lorna Simmons UX EXPERT

Mobile Trading has redefined the way will traders interact with your brokerage. Without a robust mobile solution you'll leave money on the table. FronTrader works seamlessly on iOS, Android devices and is coded in fully responsive HTML5.