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The Ultimate MT4 Webtrader Skin

Plug and play solutions that integrate easily with your existing MT4 trading platform, within 24 hours, PSPs VoIP and other infrastructure.

Web Trader

For traders big and small. Easy to use, advanced charting tools, supports multiple markets and built for converting prospects into active traders.

Mobile Application

Bring it all together with a branded website and remove the complicated integrations, APIs and guess work. Let our professionals take care of a website that converts.

In-App Marketing

Run your brokerage marketing effortlessly with our integrated Marketing app. Manage customer’s journey through funnels, setup and send automatic and personalized messages with just a few clicks.

Mobile Application. The right way.

Traders manage their account directly on the mobile app.

Higher conversion rates with registration and KYC on mobile. An industry first.

Full spec trading platform on the go without losing any features traders are accustomed to from desktop applications.

Advanced charting and technical analysis trading tools that are finally easy to use.

Try our market leading mobile trading apps.

More than a WebTrader.
It’s a trader conversion machine.

No compromise. Your brokerage and traders get a market leading Web Trading platform running on top of your existing MT4 instance. This includes full charting, technical analysis, market news and multiple market support including cryptocurrencies, Forex, Shares and more.

Frontrader converts better than your traditional sales model. With 50+ optimised automated Smart Funnels, mastered through years of data analysis alongside AI, UI, and UX experts. Frontrader learns from customer’s behaviours and interacts/intervenes at the right moment to encourage progression through the sales funnel automatically with better conversion rates.

Frontrader doesn’t just convert. It retains. Customer experience is improved through continued use of the trading platform and flow through the retention funnels. You have full control over personalised messages, unique offerings and the overall customer journey post FTD to provide a continued and automated brokerage service.

Pays for itself.

Setup within 24 hours, zero interruption to service. Get better conversion rates and your first 30 days free. Easy.

What you will get
Front Trade

€ 2000
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Only for year subscribers
what you will get
iOS & Android App + Front Trade

€ 2500
offer is limited

Only for year subscribers

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Setup within 24 hours, zero interruption to service. Get better.

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FronTrader is a one of a kind trading platform that harnesses the power of notifications triggered by an intelligent rule-base algorithm to display the right message to the right trader at the right time.

Jonathan Loughran PRODUCT MANAGER

The fruit of over two years of development. FronTrader is the future of Forex and CFD trading. Our algorithms solve the biggest problems faced by operators. Low retention and high client churn. FronTrader solves both of these.

Lorna Simmons UX EXPERT

Mobile Trading has redefined the way will traders interact with your brokerage. Without a robust mobile solution you'll leave money on the table. FronTrader works seamlessly on iOS, Android devices and is coded in fully responsive HTML5.